Welcome to Dymon Technologies

DYMON TECHNOLOGIES is an Australian research and development group with focus on  innovative technologies for the production of high value and environmentally sound products.  Dymon Technologies products and production methodologies are “green”,  with each of the Dymon Technologies products having substantial environmental benefits.  Some of the products are being classified as  “double green” and even “triple green” because of multiple environmental benefits of those products.  The Dymon Technologies are Dymon Porous Pave, Dymon PET Pallet, Dymon Concrete Technology, Permapave, Dymon Rock and Dymon Lumi-Glow.

DYMON POROUS PAVE:  Dymon porous Pave is a new and technologically advanced porous pavement technology.   The Dymon Porous Pave products were developed to update Dymon’s original porous pavers brand – Permapave, and to provide a product on the market which is competitive with porous concrete and porous asphalt.  Dymon Porous Pave cannot be manufactured using the original Permapave machinery.

DYMON PET PALLETS:  A breakthrough technology which enables the use of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) to manufacture shipping pallets.  Dymon PET Pallets have many advantages over existing wood and plastic pallets and are “Triple Green”  – they can be made from re-cycled material, they can themselves be infinitely recycled, and they can substantially reduce the requirement to harvest hardwood forests.

DYMON CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY: The Dymon Concrete Technology was developed to address the many weaknesses in concrete.  Dymon Concrete Technology produces a very dense concrete which provides better resistance to heat, fire, and water amongst other benefits.

DYMON ROCK:  Dymon rock is an artificial, ultra lightweight and realistic rock.  The rocks are very realistic.  Dymon Rocks have a very thin coating of real rock on the external surfaces, and are supported by a unique Kevlar re-inforced membrane internally.  The rocks look real, and because of the thin layer of real rock on the outside they weather the same as real rock, promote moss and algae growth, and will support varieties of wildlife whose habitats include rocks.

DYMON LUMI-GLOW:  Dymon Lumi-Glow is an advanced photo-luminescent technology which provides light without power.  Combined with unique product manufacturing methodologies, the Dymon Lumi-Glow photo-luminescent  products provide bright and long lasting light emissions without being connected to a power source.

Dymon continues research on innovative “green” products.  Amongst the new technologies being developed by Dymon is the commercial manufacture of large volume concrete products using a unique Geo-polymer process.  This process aims to use waste materials to manufacture concrete products without the use of cement.

In addition to the research and development activities, Dymon Technologies Pty. Ltd. has interests in pursuing ecological and environmentally sensitive land development within Australia

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